Faith and Home

“ALEXANDRA’S INFLUENCE” 14×14″ 1995 m/m

The cathedral in Santa Fe stands tall and lovely as a beacon for believers and a testament to the values of some of this city’s occupants.

I find it soothing when I have no trouble seeing the center of a town marked by some edifice dedicated to the idea of something larger than ourselves.

I contract when the cityscape is forested with high rise buildings intent on sucking away all the light and plunging me into perpetual shadow.

I love and appreciate architecture and the quantum leaps of culture

But feel asthmatic when I have to search too long for the central town spire; when it is too hidden by the gods of commerce.

When I see Santa Fe’s old and lovely cathedral I sigh an involuntary sigh..

Not because I yearn to attend but because I do not have to look hard to locate it in my town and thus know many are lending their hearts to something larger…still.

This photo journalism inspired today’s post.

It softened my heart so deeply and I wanted to write about it.


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  1. laura Hegfield on October 2nd, 2013

    BEautiful Cathy… I know what you mean. This is one reason I love where we live, well the spaciousness. For me, the woods, the towering trees create the cathedrals. I wrote a bit about faith today too.

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