gift of tears
porcelain, 5″x 2″

What is hope exactly?

There really isn’t anything exact about the thing.

Hope and desire reside in the same country but speak very different dialects.

Hope makes you vulnerable.

Desire means there’s something empty that needs to be filled (in your estimation).

Hope is: ‘I HAVE MADE ROOM FOR THIS (healing, forgiveness, appearance, disappearance..)

And I can not do this thing by myself and need Your help.

Hope is a conversation which includes desire.

Desire is the powerful magnetic of ‘one.’

Only one.

Me, me and more me.

I want, I need….

As opposed to: “This seems like it would be good. How does that sit with You?”

The capitalized ‘Y’ holding the place for whatever you sense is larger than you; God, All-That-Is, Nature…

I WANT, I NEED has dryness to it.

I HOPE feels fertile and contains mystery and possibility.

I HOPE is looking up.

I WANT is looking straight forward.

I WANT, I NEED supposes we know best for ourselves (as in that yellow! cowboy hat I bought eons ago).

I HOPE reckons that is not always the case.



2 Responses to “Hope”

  1. laura Hegfield on November 5th, 2013

    Amen, yes, yes! Cathy, I so hope you will participate this year’s 5th Annual Gratitude (word) Quilt. Instructions (it is very simple) can be found at the top of my blog. It wouldn’t be the same without YOU 🙂

  2. Rita Kindl Myers on November 9th, 2013

    I love the porcelain art work above. It brings to mind that Hope is like an embrace, of the future. I’ve been thinking a lot about hope recently.

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