hand-painted terry robe

I am almost embarrassed by how often the words “I’m sorry” float from my lips.

The thing is: I truly AM sorry that I am the queen of canceling due to fatigue

Or I missed your birthday.

Maybe I have disappointed you in my self-centric healing process.

Tending to the self can make one unpopular at times.

Is it better for me/others to just ride out the life stuff stoically

And let silence reign?

Hoping against hope that the necessary re-knitting will happen quite magically without us doing anything at all?

I know I have tended to diminish myself at times with too much “I’m sorrying.”

But then again- there are those in my life from whom I NEVER remember hearing the words;

Sliding blithely along far from the tempering humility brings.

Being right costs so very much.

I am better these days at using an “I’m sorry”

When my integrity asks for the utterance

And not just to ease the waters somehow.

A good and true ‘I apologize..”

Is the grand leveler.

It can make alive previously dead zones between people

And provide food for hungry souls.

I hate going hungry.


2 Responses to “Regrets”

  1. Michele in Vermont on October 13th, 2013

    I find myself saying “sorry” a lot nowadays, too. Thank you for giving words to this. Cathy, I look forward to your words.

  2. Frances Meehan on October 17th, 2013

    Thank you Cathy for your soul strengthen words. I have been in the “I’m sorry”place for the last 3 months FATIGUE ! My family & friends understand, but the husband still manages to roll the eyes, ha ha.(can’t roll my eyes like that ) He thinks I am super woman ! But I will never turn down invitations (unless I’m imobile at the time ) But glad to say I am now comfortable to say Sorry, I just can’t make it.

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