We Don’t Choose

ten questions
“RAIN” installation, ceramic,nails 2008

We don’t choose what is going to wake us up.

It chooses us.

Today, I rolled downtown under our impossibly blue sky

And heard a violinist.

Young and scrappy, he stood there and played.

I noticed the maturity of his soundings as I approached; I smiled as I slowed and passed.

A half block away as tears wet my cheeks

I turned around and went back to him.

What and mostly how he played broke my heart open and I wanted him to know.

I dropped in a 5 dollar bill.

He bowed and I left.

I was different. He was different.

He played scorchingly and brilliantly as I crossed the street; almost like a lover’s call.

Before my health challenges I likely would have heard him as back round noise; sweet but pass-by-able.

Today my ears were honed for devotion-worthy instances.

And it isn’t even Sunday.


2 Responses to “We Don’t Choose”

  1. gerry harty on October 26th, 2013

    Cathy I so understand what you mean…I had a rendezvous with breast cancer this year…and I totally agree…everything changes when you have health issues..you are such an inspiration to me…you have turned your paintings into words and your creativity goes on and on…you simply refuse to stop!!! ciao bella!!!

  2. laura Hegfield on November 5th, 2013

    deep connection… it changes us when we least expect it.

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