ceramic totems, approx. 20″h

I have been to my initial Mayor’s Council on Disability meeting.

As the newest member I came with the nervousness of any newcomer to anything;

Will I have anything to say? If I say something will I look stupid? Will I be able to find a valuable place here?

I loved the meeting as these are folks giving of their time and expertise to effect change.

There was a LOT of experience in the room.

I was surprised how often I opened my mouth and was not the least self-conscious about what was going to come out.

I found my presence to be of value just because of who I am and not what I know about ADA laws, guidelines etc.

I offered up my own personal awarenesses of disability and possibilities for implementing change.

I left feeling visible and valued as a new voice.

I felt hope in the community of others; the power of two or more.

Disability is isolating but no more than life in general when we keep ourselves cloaked in imagined fear or reticence or doubt.

The unknown is only the precursor to the known

But immediately after the known we move into the UN-part of the equation.

Makes me fall deeply in love with grey… the space between.


2 Responses to “Voice”

  1. Dion flannwry on November 23rd, 2013

    You are so right and so valuable !
    Is it any doubt that my image of you is wearing a cowgirl
    Hat. Please Chang the world a little. You can do it.

  2. Barry on November 23rd, 2013

    Here’s what I know. In this context, you are a gift! And what I also know is that you as a gift, will continue to grow!

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