black hole
ceramic vessel, 14x 12″

What is the most courageous action you have taken to date in your precious life?

For me, my most courageous act has been to forgive my mother which I did this week.

Forgiveness has always been an idea shrouded in mystery for me.

Sounds good. I know I should. Pivotal to my own well being. Basic compassion, I thought.

This seemingly do-able action had eluded me where my mother (deceased) is concerned.

What would it take for me to go beyond the ‘idea’ of forgiveness into the actuality?

The specifics of our relationship are unimportant here.

Nelson Mandela spent many years in prison and was released with the true freedom forgiveness allowed him.

I have been in my own prison and finally released.

The ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card comes only through empathy.

To be able to live inside our own humanness long enough to recognize the ‘why’ of another’s actions/beliefs

Takes all the charge out of a previously cancerous situation.

It can’t just be a nice idea.

We must stop being right.

It has to be known utterly in your heart that you understand how this situation could have occurred because we are each and every one of us born with an innocent heart.

And we get very far from God as well.

The action of forgiveness, if embodied fully, allows a great space of possibility to enter where a defended heart once reigned.

Peace is the result.

Peace and gratitude.

I lay my heavy sword down with a deep sigh of relief and walk on….


4 Responses to “Courage”

  1. CarrieBallantyneEckhold on December 16th, 2013

    I, too, am working on forgiving a parent. A most difficult
    task. It does not come easy, but the benefits….
    Freedom from the large vessel of emotions, it just spills over sometimes,
    Bravo Cathy
    I will call soon

  2. lynn kaye on December 17th, 2013

    rejoice beautiful lady. ox

  3. Marcy Baker on December 19th, 2013

    Dear Cathy,
    This post is so beautiful and true.
    I visit here often…you are an inspiration.

  4. laura Hegfield on December 21st, 2013

    Cathy this is so inspiring. I’ve been thinking about, praying for courage quite a lot recently… I had not made the connection between courage and forgiveness… in my case the forgiving, the compassion needs to be directed toward myself… I see it, i’m working on it, each step is slice of courage.

    I’m glad you were able to release yourself from this terrible pain inside and experience the spaciousness of empathy and true compassion.

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