Rude Pendulum Swing

detail installation, ceramic, sand

My fabulous sister was here recently and I was dealing with both a bladder infection and the beginning of what ended up being shingles (PLEASE get vaccinated for this if you have not already!).

My nature is tuned to survival and soldiering on; presenting my best self when I have the stamina and interest to do so.

Thankfully, this is most of the time.

My history is not one of infirmity.

My sense of myself is of a woman with an extremely strong constitution.

All this body-centric attention I have had/am having to exert is so foreign to me.

I hate it.

It goes against the grain of my creative leanings toward airy communion with my muses.

When my sister was here I kept the ‘shingles thing’ secret.

I was embarrassed to have so much going wrong with my body at the same time and wanted to just be normal and have a great sister/sister visit.

We had that times 10 (in my mind).

When I watched the PRESIDENT’S STATE OF THE UNION address last night and saw him end with attention on the veteran deployed 10x and now severely disabled

I felt the energy of the entire country soften away from our brains and into our hearts.

The purposeful focus on this man was not maudlin in the least.

I’m not sure how he did that exactly because it could easily have gone that way and surely it did for some.

I felt the bridge Obama was trying to make:

This wounded man has kept moving toward Life no matter what.

Change , evolution, revolution, healing all look very, very messy on the way toward whatever it is they will eventually become.

I notice that a profound opening always takes place in me following the BIG MESS preceding it; spiritual in nature.

I sensed Obama was asking us to take heart in the natural qualities of process

And not to give up on ourselves before the miracle; personally, professionally and politically.

We, as a nation are no different than me- muddling through the raw and gritty roads needed to be travelled on the way to something smoother with new and unimaginable landscapes.


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  1. Carole Zoom on January 29th, 2014

    i really can relate. I had E coli from tainted milk recently. then patrick got the flu. we are all fragile. and many of us with this personality soldier on. x10
    sending love from Hawaii

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