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In my creative life I am very familiar with the essential part of the process which looks like a big nothing most often.

I have called it ‘gathering.’

It is almost embarrassingly at the opposite pole from the familiar achieving and goal-oriented ways of being our culture celebrates.

It took me many, many years to learn to trust what seems empty; time, no ideas, no movement to speak of on any level.

As my life has become my art I am looking at how that gathering/waiting time looks like epic TV or film watching, looking out the window, sleeping or reading or big, giant swaths of what seem like nothingness.

I trust this nothingness.

It is not nothing.

SOME thing is asking to be born/created/thought and if we choose not to live a regurgitative life

We wait.

Patiently or not we must wait.


There is a good kind of waiting
which trusts the agents of fermentation.
There is a waiting
which knows that in pulling away
one can more wholly return.
There is the waiting
which prepares oneself,
which anoints and adorns
and makes oneself plump
with readiness for love’s return.
There is a good kind of waiting
which doesn’t put oneself on hold
but rather adds layers to the grandness
of one’s being worthy.
This sweet waiting
for one’s fruits to ripen
doesn’t stumble over itself
to be the first to give
but waits for the giving
to issue at its own graceful pace.

2014 © Toko-pa Turner (www.toko-pa.com) |



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  1. Barry on February 2nd, 2014

    Often now I feel more like I’m waiting for the fruits to spoil rather than ripen 🙂

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