Shingle Jingle

wooden matches,earth

The past two weeks have been devoted to shingles.

This disease sounds light and giddy and jingling

But I am here (barely) to assure you

Shingles is not fun.

I beg you to get inoculated if you can.

Painful, depressing, ugly, painful and very painful.

How do people live with constant pain?

I enjoyed the drugs

But not enough to want them after I became pain free.



You are ugly, insistent and hurt me.
Your searing, red calling cards
Have all my attention;
Not because you interest me
But your sheer resolve
To test my mettle
Renders me weak and weaker still.

I hate you!
You must leave me now.
But spiritually speaking
Should I befriend you
And stop fighting?
Buddha says suffering is desiring
Some other outcome.
I have fallen from Grace
In my atomic incapacity
To soften my eyes
As I bend to your poison.


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  1. Dorothyanne Brown on February 6th, 2014

    OW! Good reminder to get my shot, thanks!

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