A Good Thing

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Terry Wahls, MD has just published her long awaited book: THE WAHLS PROTOCOL.

She deals with PPMS as I do and was restricted to a wheelchair only to have healed herself to the point of an astounding level of athleticism through diet, primarily.

This book is the smartest and most comprehensive tome dedicated to healing ANY autoimmune illness I have ever read.

She concludes that inflammation is really the cause of most disease and her book is about how to feed yourself to allow recovery; in her case from what was essentially a death sentence.

Of course other vital elements are necessary to support healing like stress reduction, exercise and some supplementation but her main focus is on food and I believe her.

A diagnosis of PPMS leaves one to become their own best advocate as the western medicine model has little if anything to offer us unlike the relapsing-remitting MS folks to which all meds. are targeted.

If I eat sugar I can not hold my own weight at all.

24 hours later the effects of the sugar will have passed through my system and I am back to myself again so for me, I need no further proof diet is essential to my functioning.


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  1. nancy ungar on May 29th, 2014

    I am glad you have found her diet helpful. I find that only sugar will give essential energy when I need it and eliminating it has never helped. Nor has eliminating gluten. Antibiotics actually have, although not as much as I’d like. Not yet.

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