The Great Undoing

monoprint, 22×30″, 1994


When I chose to re-title this blog last year


It was unsettling for some.

One of the greatest gifts offered to those dealt the hand of a chronically challenged physical self

Is the opportunity to edit one’s life down to what is sustaining, inspiring, nurturing, growth provoking, curiosity piquing and life-enhancing.

I have learned and am still learning what weakens my life force.

I tell you A LOT has been left at the side of the road as I walked (rolled) on.

I am continually interested in what stays and what goes;

Ideas I was so sure of, teachers I revered, objects cherished, habits enjoyed.

Gone, gone, gone.

The great undoing is never done.


And so- what exactly is left as we un-do?

From over here it feels wide and oddly full. Peace and possibility might describe what my experience is.

Peace and possibility.

The room for something to come in to my sphere as yet unknown with the pure essence of that which is Life.

If I’m empty enough and prepared my space (consciousness) so it shimmers with all the rough edges tumbled smooth

I may hear the softest knock at the door and recognize Her through the peephole.

We will share tea!

I will neither fear Her departure nor pray for Her to remain.

We will share tea.

Just that.


2 Responses to “The Great Undoing”

  1. laura Hegfield on March 8th, 2014

    I’m sipping tea as I read this. I know you are probably still asleep, but I am imagining that if I lived nearby, in the same timezone that I might be a friend that listens, makes you laugh, is a comfort and sips tea with you in real time.

  2. Cathy on March 8th, 2014

    YES, yes..girlfriend way over there.. (lifting a glass to you)

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