Keeping Quiet



My life is a big canvas and I continually try to refine the marks I put down.

Today, I apologize to those who hold subscriptions to this blog as my post from yesterday was delivered to you before I came to my senses and deleted it altogether.

In hindsight I felt it self-serving, incendiary and my thoughts poorly articulated. Not my best effort.

A past therapist told me these three guidelines which I try to live by:

1. Try not to judge.
2. Tell the truth as quickly as you can.
3. Don’t try to understand (I take this to suggest we gear ourselves toward witnessing with love).

Many, many times I have ‘crucified’ myself for making mistakes.

But really there are no mistakes.. just opportunities to keep refining ourselves.

Forgive me for presenting you with less than you deserve.

This blog is one way I work toward becoming larger, lighter and more loving toward myself and the worlds at large.



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  1. Rita Kindl Myers on April 18th, 2014

    I actually really liked yesterday’s blog, although I admit I’m not sure I fully understood it. I was looking forward to re-reading it to ponder the ideas further. It certainly did not offend me. As always, thanks for the posts. Your blog is something I look forward to reading and contemplating.

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