Five Power Tools

detail of installation, ceramic


Yesterday was tough.

I have to know how to find my way back to OK without thinking about it too much.

Here are some of my ‘go-to’ power tools:

1. red lipstick

2. breathe into my belly and exhale more than I think I can

3. re-connect with innocence (I rub my dog’s belly)

4. forgive myself and everyone else

5. count on everything to change- always- all the time.. period.



2 Responses to “Five Power Tools”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on May 8th, 2014

    This one brought a smile to my lips.

  2. Jenny on May 8th, 2014

    These are good. Also one is to sit outside with your face to the late afternoon sun , eyes closed. And also to light a tea light candle.

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