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“TREE” 12×12″, m/m


For many years I have had an old but interesting branch wrapped pretty tightly in white lights which I’ve loved to use as evening ambient light in my home year-round.

In one of my moves it gave up the ghost and I found this ready-made one at RESTORATION HARDWARE.

The original impetus for this came from Martha Stewart in her glory days.

This particular kind of light makes me really happy with it’s nod toward something magical, innocent and out-of-the-ordinary. Somehow- I’m not ok when I dont have it.

I had this image of myself as this tree the other day as I wheeled downtown. Picture a Quantum 400 wheelchair carrying a 4′ tall tree with bare branches.

If I went by something that interested me the lights would begin to glow slightly. Passing by, they would go out.

I saw a lovely jacket in a window..slow glow.

There is my friend I haven’t seen in so long! ..Lights blaze to life!

This coffee is so yummy…little activity over there in the top branch.

I think about that cool thing I learned from someone’s Facebook post…comin’ alive.

It crosses my mind how my highest accomplishment is the circle of friends I share my life with- those standing with me on an often gritty road… the whole darn tree shines it’s heart out and just won’t quit.


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  1. Jenny on May 7th, 2014

    This lit a little light in my heart too, though I am very far away across the Pacific. Such a lovely image of a tree feeling with all it’s heart. What is it about trees and woods and forests? So alive I guess.

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