Thirty Four

“CONVERSATION”, 32×32″,m/m


Yesterday I decided I would count how many times I judged someone or thing.

It isn’t pretty what I found.

34 was my number.

I judged the weather, my complexion, my caregiver for forgetting something, my dog for needing to go out too early, my wheelchair for running out of a battery charge, the weather again, my mother, my self again.., my disorganized everything, the worms eating my aspen tree, my self, my choice of films, the fly pestering me, the government, that horrible color red that women seem to think they need to look powerful…

You get the picture.

I judged myself for not being the best team player at times. I judged God for playing hide and seek. I judged Summer for arriving too early.

My neighbor’s motorcycle roars too early.

I should have meditated.


The stupid government took away my food stamp allotment.

The ANTS!!!

There is some weird juicy thing that happens with judgement of ‘other’.

We get to fee ‘better than’ and that is seductive.

We absolutely know we are RIGHT.

And that is a very dangerous thing.

Byron Katie has a fabulous tonic for judgement.

She says: “Ask yourself: IS IT TRUE?” (there are actually 4 questions she uses).

Is the motorcycle making too much noise in the morning? Well..for ME it is too much noise but in reality it is just doing what it does.

Are the ants invading? Not really. They happen to include my home as part of their daily wanderings.

Am I not a good team player? Is that true? Well, actually I sometimes AM a great team player and sometimes not.

This line of questioning softens life up markedly and gives me much more room.


3 Responses to “Thirty Four”

  1. Carole Zoom on May 22nd, 2014

    I wonder if now that you have pondered this point, if your number 34 will decrease?

    I’ll have to try this exercise

  2. Barry on May 23rd, 2014

    Judgemental is way more fun.

  3. nancy ungar on May 29th, 2014

    But it’s lousy that they took away your food stamps.

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