Why Do We All Need An Audience?

detail of installation, red earth, ceramic, plants


I spend most of my time alone.

Or rather..with the non-humanness of Livvy-the Dog.

We are a connection-crazed culture posing in selfies and tweeting and ‘liking.’

This blog allows me a semblance of connectivity wider than what often feels too narrow a life for me.

Books are voices which get me front seats in any theater I choose. I am thrilled, outraged, comforted, titillated, inspired and created anew sometimes.

I sit in my recliner/lift chair and think about stuff.

Thankfully, I am easily entertained and today’s tiny brown ants trying to help each other carry a huge something-or-other to somewhere-or-other reminded me of my old ant farm I loved so..

And then I thought about how Steven Hawking thinks AI (artificial intelligence) may be the very demise of us all.

After that- I took Livvy for a roll downtown to get a Starbucks and saw a weird (and wonderful) guy in the park all dressed up in mountain man clothes, hat, fur things dangling, suede full length duster coat in conversation with a Republican.

It was so great!

On our way home we smelled some divine fragrance coming from a pink tree and a stranger in a car smiled and waved.

Are these things better or more for sharing them with you?

Actually, the ESSENCE of the experience gets slightly greyed down from the sharing in a way. But a communion is born because I give it to you consciously and with full awareness as a gift..

I suppose it has to do with who I am as I write.. I am not sure but it feels like food for thought.

I will likely keep those musings private if that’s ok?


3 Responses to “Why Do We All Need An Audience?”

  1. Barbara on May 4th, 2014

    I love your words and thoughts and glad that you share them.

  2. Jenny on May 4th, 2014

    I love them too. Thank you.

  3. Michele in Vermont on May 4th, 2014

    Please keep sharing them. They enrich to my life.

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