PC? But Whose Politics?


“WANTON”, ceramic,steel 2007

Who the hell decided that it is better form to parade around inside false humility; far, far away from overt self-appreciation?

I came across this DOVE advertisement yesterday on FACEBOOK and it chilled my bones. And so…..


Things I love about myself:

1. I am resilient.
2. I am getting funnier as I age (many loved ones have been waiting for the arrival of this and are quite relieved).
3. I have a ready smile.
4. I know Nature is way bigger than me.
5. I see the core of goodness in people before anything else.
6. I keep trying to learn how to forgive and sometimes see some progress in this department.
7. I find 99% (oh..maybe 72%) of people interesting.
8. I am ok being a weird, middle-aged chihuahua woman.
9. I love how much I love rock stores (and rocks in general).
10. I finally love my size 10 flat feet.
11. I love the fun shock of grey hair middle of my forehead.
12. I can make a great life even in a wheelchair, without a partner, having 1 pair of shoes and not cooking.
13. I am not a good man-picker but have THE most stellar friends and family.
14. I am ok with my big nose and think it suits my face well.
15. I finally hate shopping.
16. I can make any place beautiful.
17. I love my own company.
18. I thrive in silence.
19. I am a rabid hedonist and enjoy throwing a tantrum every now and again because I can not regularly feed the beast.
20. I know my life is a projection of my own making and am still heartily entertained by it.
21. I pretty much live in gratitude.
22. Grace finds me worthy of so many visits.
23. I am still here and this fact sometimes blows me away.
24. I am no longer that interested in what I know.
25. After so many years of questioning, I finally know myself as smart, worthy and a valuable asset to the world we live in.

Whew…. that felt good.

I dare you…




4 Responses to “PC? But Whose Politics?”

  1. Rita Kindl Myers on June 24th, 2014

    Thanks for the list. It was great fun to read. I don’t know if I dare to be so honest about myself. I love the sculpture!

  2. webster on June 24th, 2014

    I wasn’t as surprised at that ad as you were, but I LOVED your list about yourself. With some thought I could come up with 25 things I love about myself. How long did it take you? If quickly, I am impressed.

  3. Alexandra Eldridge on June 24th, 2014

    F……Fantastic! How I admire you in your honesty and beauty. Thank-you for your wisdom!!!

  4. Irene on June 25th, 2014

    My top three:

    -I’m a survivor who’s made her own luck for the most part.
    -I’m an old “corporate cog” but I never “drank the kool-aid.”
    -At 60, I’ve accepted that Mother Nature is sculpting my face.

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