Virtual Travel

hand-painted wool flannel chair, 1990


I’d love to get out of my wheelchair

But these are the cards I was dealt

And I’m dealing with em, OK???

I’ve said before that two things I miss most are my vintage and REALLY pointy cowboy boots

And the Ford F150, wine-colored (I’m a girl so that is what the color is called..OK???).

I have been binge-watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel food escapades of late.

He is an ass albeit an interesting one to me.

My boots would have amused him.

You can tell he’s an ass by the fact there are no women visible on 99.9% of his shows but he is married to a prize-fighting jiu jitsu gal who gets 2 minutes of airtime.

And he is overly (in my opinion…) fond of tripe, gutter language and gargantuan portions of mysterious concoctions mostly made in the street.

But I like him.

I am also fond of fine wine and glittery table settings but I digress..

Anthony is brave.

He wants to go to a place and he goes. Congo, Peru, Tangiers, Detroit!

He’s got his perfect stylin’ giant linen shirts which fit in anywhere and cover his gut nicely. Non-chalant dishevelment.

He looks and acts decidedly un-American in his dealings with the “fixers” he hires in each country to find inroads to the sublime and disgusting.

Each meal he tastes garners a “delicious” no matter if he is chowing down on squirrel in the Ozarks or black truffle pot pie with the portly famous French chef.

He’s cool that way.. All those folks hungering for validation from the American famous guy and on pins-and-needles waiting for a verdict.

He gives a pretty fair history lesson with fun facts like “If you fell out the boat here, on the Amazon the pyranhas would git ya in two minutes. See this here scar?”.

Why, oh why do I like this guy?

He clearly loves life and hates rules. Check.

Hard-drinking and insatiable hedonistic tendencies not toward the comfort-intoxication we run through our veins but the lure of truth, authenticity and adventure.

When I am IN LIFE without pretense, pre-conceived anything and wearing red lipstick with my hip jauntily shifted to my right (I wish..)

I can seem to find BEAUTY wherever I am just by opening my heart to what/who is in front of me.

Judgement shuts the magic down but it keeps squeezing through.

I find IT ALL interesting, no matter what.

Except when it involves tripe.


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  1. Jenny on June 5th, 2014

    Never watched Alain but feel I know him! Food is one of the best things especially eaten with fingers and company . And I feel honey and spices and herbs and dried fruit help anything. And especially they can help the vulnerable exposed feeling I sometimes love and sometimes wish would go away and that there would be thicker walls again.

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