I AM Your Inspiration


Or not, as the case may be..

I think life is more fun if we can find something in everyone we meet with the capacity to inspire us.

Recently, a few widely touted videos have emerged with the message: Just because I am disabled does not mean I am your inspiration. Admire me for what I DO – not what my body DOESN’T!

There seems to be a ferocious note weaving through these chastisements.

Somehow we are wrong for being inspired by those physically/mentally challenged who have done what it takes to mold a thriving life despite gargantuan obstacles.

Now- I’m not here saying that it is only WE, who are in partnership with MS or ALS or arthritis or amputation or Cerebral Palsy who are the ones who deserve oodles of accolades for making great lives despite the cards we were dealt..


Likely, one of the next 5 people you pass on the street is dealing with some debilitating condition that just happens to be invisible to you.

What I AM saying is that there are some of us worth paying attention to, being conscious of.

The visibly disabled can provide reminders to society at large that capabilities, independence, security, comfort, strength, freedom, autonomy, seemingly perfect lives

Are each and every one fleeting, not count-on-able.

The great take-away is that one can create ones’ self anew and EVEN BETTER

If you’ve got a good (or good enough) attitude

And remain curious about the road less travelled.

It can be ghastly, ok..good or even great.

Usually a combination of each.

Staying present to it all is a herculean task.


2 Responses to “I AM Your Inspiration”

  1. Unit # 8 on July 13th, 2014

    You are………..

  2. Cathy on July 13th, 2014

    After I wrote this I got really anxious that there would be those out there who thought I was ‘fishing’.. I don’t think, in hindsight that the wider part of what I was trying to say was clear.
    I went back in and added a few sentences to try to have these thoughts come across as less reactive and more trans-personal.

    All that said- I REALLY appreciate that you wrote..

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