“We were listening to how you were listening to us.”


-Native American to Dr. Jerome Bernstein (Jungian analyst)




2 Responses to “Listening”

  1. Jenny on July 5th, 2014

    This takes time to find the meaning and I am starting to find it. And the way we listen , the reasons we are listening determine what we hear. And today the meditation from the prior of Taize spoke of listening. He said that with so many young people coming with questions, he and his brothers should be men (they are a monastic order of men) of prayer and listening not spiritual masters. That is so good, they are humble , and poor and so available to hear and welcome.

  2. Jenny on July 6th, 2014

    Here both are listening and the words are less important than the listening , and the spirit of the listening. The communication is deeper and beyond the words, the connection is below the surface. Oh the poetry of this is lovely.

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