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Today on our morning roll I passed by a construction site.

To preface this I will say that I am perpetually enchanted by humans building things, driving fun-looking machinery, digging, measuring stuff with pure intent.

I was skirting the site separated only by a chain link fence.

There was a guy standing atop a hill of dirt.

He looked very fine standing there.

He looked straight at me and held the gaze.

I waved in recognition of two people chancing to connect for a nanosecond.

He waved.

He was close enough to me that I could hear him utter something or other..

I also heard his buddies say: “Pervert” (laughing while soaking in their ignorance and ego).

Turning the corner to get home necessitated me passing closer to the group.

I was slightly in shock as I kept my gaze decidedly forward and passed them; all of us silent.

In my periphery vision I could see them standing there following me with their pointy eyes.

It pleased me the last thing they saw were the roses on the back of my chair.

Sometimes we are given little (fucking) gifts like this one to see how we REALLY roll..

Get angry? Depressed? Numb out? Quickly find someone to make wrong so we feel better? Hate all men? Lock in to feeling un-desirable? Complain till the cows come home about the unfairness of it all?

I got to see that my response is this:

1. Shock.
2. Scoot out of body till I got home.
3. Look at myself in the mirror.
4. Feel 10% victim-y.
5. Feel 90% sorry for them.
6. Rest in the fact they had no idea what they were missing.

I think I passed the test.




2 Responses to “Pervert”

  1. willow1945 on July 10th, 2014

    Wow, two thumbs way up for how you handled that within yourself. You did indeed pass the test, and then some, sister goddess!

  2. Unit # 8 on July 10th, 2014

    Rolling past the perves with dignity and grace, showing them your grit and roses, you not only passed the test, you wrote the test, you epitomize the test, roll-on Cathy, ROLL ON!!!
    Cheers for the gal wearing the sharp looking Fedora!

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