The Seduction of Magical Thinking

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Positive thinking, law of attraction teachings, science of mind, visualizations etc are often not enough to get us into the integrated space to receive and create from a place of deep wholeness.
It is through feeling, releasing and getting comfortable with the entire spectrum of our emotions that we can truly and deeply create an authentic and abundant life. For too long, many people have been attempting to get to the other side of the rainbow through a spiritual by pass, which attempts to deny, minimize or suppress the emotional body.
Only problem with this is that while it may allow certain kinds of manifestations to occur, it does not lead to deep peace or true holistic abundance.
We deserve our wholeness. Mind, body, feelings and soul. When they are all valued and embraced, we can truly create any life that we desire.



3 Responses to “The Seduction of Magical Thinking”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on July 19th, 2014

    Wow, brilliant! When is your book coming out! Been thinking about this same subject matter. xxx

  2. willow1945 on July 19th, 2014

    I tried positive thinking for years before realizing that I had powerful, difficult emotions that got in the way. Now I do my best to deal with them and find a balance between those emotions and whatever I’m trying to create/attract.

  3. Rita Kindl Myers on July 19th, 2014

    This is beautiful!

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