Fall Fashion

hand-painted silk robes, 1987


My sister, we’ll call her Generous Jennifer, has gifted me THE NEW YORK TIMES digital version.

Today is a momentous one for we damsels who give a damn about how we look. The annual “T” magazine, devoted to women’s fall fashion IS HERE!

I opened it up in heightened anticipatory mode this morning.

Looking through, languishing on pages showing the wild, weird and oh-so-wonderful concoctions of fabric, make-up, hair and the coveted shoe.

My personal fashion is lean of necessity; a uniform of 1 pair of shoes that fit over my brace, 5 shirts which are stretchy enough to make the sleeves accessible and tunic length, 2 pair of pants w/ waistband easy for 1 arm pull-up, wide enough for brace application and long enough to look ok in my wheelchair.

Anything I acquire must be thought through ad infinitum and still make me feel beautiful wearing it. This is a new kind of shopping, I tell you.

Things are about to get markedly more complicated as I have decided to have a supra-pubic catheter installed in my precious lower abdomen. A common symptom of MS is incontinence and with the decline of musculature in that area my bladder cannot empty fully on its own causing MANY bladder infections for which I must take antibiotics.

With years of attention on my bladder dysfunction I am ready to throw in the towel and let a cute doctor cut a hole in me.

The addition of this small tube extending from just above my pubic bone and draining into a lovely, plastic-y accessory bound to my leg will alleviate a gargantuan amount of stress.

Can I love myself through this seeming horror of a thing?

It is a turning point in my progression and a ‘big death’ instead of the little ones I deal with.

I could wail in the embarrassment of the thing and whine at the fact my pants now will need more width.

But, by jove! Wide leg trousers are all the rage this year!

I saw it in the New York Times.

ps.. more on this later. This is all new so could only scratch the surface for today. xxx


2 Responses to “Fall Fashion”

  1. Jenny on August 24th, 2014

    Hi Cathy , the doctor in me knows what this all about, the MS muddled nervous system in me knows this too and the woman in me knows . Anything to help the chronic infections and leaking. Go for the best ,wear these wide pants , what about bespoke? and what about jewellery , great necklaces from the Indian market? Yes love your great self.

  2. laura Hegfield on September 10th, 2014

    I know your situation, which well be mine one day is a serious matter, still I could not help but think of David Sedaris’s “Stadium Pal” story. You can listen to him tell it here:

    I’m glad too to heart that wide leg pants are back in fashion, they are so elegant:-)

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