Long Light



Autumn in New Mexico is clear and yellow and purple.

Deep royal blue skies in the daytime and frilly purple asters along the roadside.

My whole system is balking at the turning in life takes around these parts this time of year.

It makes me a bit afraid to re-enter the cold and hibernating urges of leaves and furred things.

I am a furred thing too but I don’t seem to have enough.

Most was lost to evolution and right now I want it back

Because I feel too exposed.

Will I be able to take the extra load of ‘solitary’?

Will I come out the other side?

This question is new to me this year.

The most nurturing nesting place I know is the deep drop into my own creativity..my contemplative Self.

My musing, my writing, my conversations can become an alchemical thrill if I turn from distractions like “What if?”

“NO!” I say.

I will burn all past and future thinking in the white heat of my fireplace.

In my furry robe I only wear when alone I will sit sipping wine, making up stories from the shapes I see in the lapping flames.

I have a whole life in front of me;

Lit by the long light.

Bring on the snow…..


3 Responses to “Long Light”

  1. Apt. # 8 on August 27th, 2014

    “Solitary” musings produce eloquent words, don’t stop now Cathy,
    you are on a “roll”…………. (bad pun intended).
    Your musings above certainly made my day!

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on August 29th, 2014

    This made me sob. You are so damn beautiful!!! You say all the things we want to say. Always in awe of you, A

  3. laura Hegfield on September 10th, 2014

    The past two days have been far chillier… I feel it in my bones, in my joints, in my heart… a longing for summer sun and warmth to continue… and it will again, just not now. I have much work to do, preparing to teach in the next few weeks, but what I want more than anything today (now that I’m home from PT) is to tuck under the covers and sleep. But the world hasn’t stopped, and though it is important to rest when I can, I canNOT allow myself to slip down the slippery slope of wanting “other than this.” This is what is here today, gray skies and cooler temps, and the beginning of something old and new all at once. You know what I mean?

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