installation, ceramic

“RENAISSANCE”, installed at SFe Convention Center, 10’x3′


This weekend brings a tsunami of out-of-towners to Santa Fe in search of Native American treasures at INDIAN MARKET.

The town literally doubles in size with over 100,000 visitors.

I have a hard time with the frenetic vibe of so many people milling around so today I decided to go down to the plaza while peace still reigned.

SUCH a gorgeous day, my ferality nowhere to be found, Livvy and I stopped in a tiny glade of flowers.

A statue of St. Francis of Assisi stood there in the center talking to a gopher.

I just started up my own conversation with him: (Yeah..I am known to be heard speaking out loud to what seems like no one..weird wheelchair-lady)

“Hi, St. Francis. I probably could have sculpted a more favorable likeness. You look kind of angular instead of soft. Oh well…still glad you are here. You must have had a great life cavorting with creatures. You’ve got some prime real estate to rest in. I’m glad you are here.”

Then we rolled on.

A cute cop on a bike went past saying “Pretty.”

Some Texans getting out of a behemoth SUV say: “You got a look there, girl.”

Livvy gets wiggly and seems to have endless supplies of pee and I can relate.

We go visit my sculpture installed at the convention center and find that weeds (nice looking ones) are crawling up the sides. It looks so great.

I adore my town. It is tolerant, gorgeous in all of 4 seasons, not completely white bread and has never failed me in the nurturing department.

Everything about this place suits me and I am grateful for finding home.


2 Responses to “Rollin’”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on August 21st, 2014

    Love getting a chance to see your work, here. Yes, what a town we live in. Lucky us. And you do have something with policemen, don’t you!!! xx

  2. Alexis on August 23rd, 2014

    I agree. I just love this town. Today was spectacular, hike in the country, more wildflowers than I think I have ever seen. Love that we actually appreciate it every day. xx

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