What I’ve Learned


A friend sent me this great little piece from a recent ESQUIRE magazine written by Jim Harrison who penned LEGENDS OF THE FALL in 9 days, by god.

WHAT HAVE I LEARNED?”, I asked myself.

I can fit 27 green grapes in my mouth at the same time. You’d be surprised how often this tidbit has slid into conversation which says something about me I don’t think I’ll ponder further.

I think God gave me exactly what I needed (MS) to kick the shit out of my ego and need to please everyone. Now, I can’t and don’t not because I realized it was an insane pursuit but because I haven’t the energy. I’ve been humbled, broken, have died and am currently resurrecting myself. Weirdly, I am not sorry about one speck of the grit of my journey if it got me here.

I love my dog more purely and deeply than I have loved any human. She has this uncanny way of mirroring me; I need a lot of personal space and so does she. She feels energy acutely and almost painfully and so do I. Someone caged her and disallowed her spirit to roam freely. I can relate. Most people find her difficult but I know her as complicated and asking to be figured out.

The right color lipstick can fix most anything.

CAPTAIN CRUNCH cereal did the trick to help me quit smoking. I’ve never actually lost all desire to smoke but I quit when I was a freshman in college. I did it by eating CAPTAIN CRUNCH for a full summer. I weighed 170 and wore tent dresses. I still have oral compulsions but weigh far less these days. I enjoy smelling a cigar now and then.

Independence is overrated but it’s hard to know this till we aren’t.

If you let someone who is angry or has weird energy prepare your food and you feel like shit afterwards, learn your lesson.

The road to enlightenment is pretty damn dark 98% of the time. The only flashlight that works is finding and telling the truth.

When I stop being curious about life, I’m done.

A relationship that is not mutually beneficial needs re-thinking.

The most crucial skill to ensure a good life is the ability to get to THE WELL. Meaning- when everything is totally fucked up how do you re-center yourself, change your perspective so the pieces fall into familiar places again? For me, in the past this has meant doing solo drives to special places, create something, give something to someone that lifts them, pet my dog. Sometimes it has meant a good dollop of vodka.

I actually know absolutely nothing for sure and I think this makes for a fine personal recommendation.


2 Responses to “What I’ve Learned”

  1. Jenny on August 17th, 2014

    This made me sit up think with each one “what is next? ” and then happily “what shall I write as my list”

  2. Alexandra Eldridge on August 17th, 2014

    Blown away, again. When is your book coming out. Your wisdom and ability to express it is extraordinary. Oh, have you learned!!! xxx

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