I Went To The Flyfishing Store

painting on wool flannel, 5’x5′


I went to our local fly fishing establishment looking for feathers to be-deck my wheelchair.

The front door was really heavy to open and I had my dog on my lap.

She got squished as I bent forward to pull it open.

No one took notice of us weaving through the heavily merchandized racks and rods and hats

On our way to the feathers.

I know exactly where they are as this place has been a secret go-to spot for past projects in lieu of Hobby Lobby which I will never enter again because they are horrifyingly exclusionary and we must vote with our purse, dontcha’ know?

There was a gaggle of guys gathered ’round the checkout counter, shifting with great intent from one foot to the other.

They were in their church of choice; telling tales of eddys and snagged line and the one they missed and the perfect cast.

Livvy and I looked at rooster plume and small fur treasures. There were sparkly dyed lines and the natural pluckings from the breast of pheasant and wild turkey.

Great wildlife sightings were had by all!

Those fly fishermen zealots were enchanted with themselves and didn’t notice us down lower and ready to pay.

I was enjoying the display too much to bother announcing myself.

Then, a young lad outside the circle of fisher kings noticed me.

I can always tell someone who has had a whiff of illness or disability or crisis in their life

Because they react with no hesitation and jump to the ready to assist with a pleasure and recognition (by me) seemingly born of experience.

“Here- let me help you get a clear path to the door.”

He goes before me parting the displays interfering with my path and sweeps the door open with a genuine pleasantry.

There seemed to be no hurry to return to the riveting regaling the men were casting about at the counter.

That young lad saw me. And he stepped up.

And I saw him in his compassionate and kind self.

And now I am here to tell you the tale.


3 Responses to “I Went To The Flyfishing Store”

  1. Jenny on September 7th, 2014

    It is a lovely story and so visual with feathers and large displays and Livvy on your lap. He has a good heart and every time he has it acknowledged , his heart is strengthened I think.

  2. Apt. # 8 on September 7th, 2014

    Absolutely love that phrase, “their church of choice”, most everyone has one, mine being the mountains and mesas forming natural outdoor cathedrals of this land where we have chosen to live, Nuevo Meheeco!
    Would quite agree about the Hobby Lobby store, may anyone be squished by automatic doors entering therein, before being consumed by the worst form of Zealotry,………… a religious mind!
    You read people well Cathy, very well.

  3. laura Hegfield on September 10th, 2014

    It is such a blessing to see and be seen, heart to heart, soul to soul.

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