photo credit: Barbara McDaniel


Our wisdom is all mixed up with what we call our neurosis. Our brilliance, our juiciness, our spiciness, is all mixed up with our craziness and our confusion, and therefore it doesn’t do any good to try to get rid of our so-called negative aspects, because in that process we also get rid of our basic wonderfulness. We can lead our life so as to become more awake to who we are and what we’re doing rather than trying to improve or change or get rid of who we are or what we’re doing. The key is to wake up, to become more alert, more inquisitive and curious about ourselves.

– Pema Chodron



7 Responses to “Roses”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on September 17th, 2014

    Oh, how perfect!!!

  2. willow1945 on September 17th, 2014

    Love the roses, also the quote from Pema Chodron!

  3. Apt # 8 on September 17th, 2014

    This one may just get enlarged and printed poster-size!
    Thanks Cathy, really like the photo also.

  4. Rita Kindl Myers on September 17th, 2014

    Thank you!

  5. Jane on September 17th, 2014

    Pema always says it so well!

  6. gerry harty on September 17th, 2014

    Such an amazing picture Cathy from an amazing and wonderful woman!!!

  7. Irene on September 18th, 2014

    Thank you…such wise words from a spiritual elder. I love the roses…can’t wait to see the feathers.

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