Structural Integrity

“ONE BLUE SQUARE” 5×5′, m/m, 1994


The machinations of my mind have turned toward the themes of prayer, words and intention these days.

I understand that a prayer is just naked and ineffectual if the words are not connected to truly raw and authentic feeling.

This certainly has pretty immediate results (whether I like them or not) when I get demanding or even rageful at God: “God- you have GOT to show up RIGHT NOW..I’m serious here..”

I have been interested in the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto for a number of years. His experiments have rocked the world with his microscopic images of frozen water. Words and pictures are projected at water as well as music played: Love, hate, heavy metal, Bach…

A frozen sample from each container is then explored under a microscope. The structure of the water changes dramatically.

A more recent experiment using rice continues his remarkable discoveries. Three jars, each containing white rice are labeled: THANK YOU, IGNORE and FOOL. The subject pauses each day projecting the thought of thank you and fool on each of the 2 of the containers while ignoring the third altogether.
Here is what the containers looked like post-experiment.

I am going to do my own experiment and will let you know the results.

When I spoke about thriving the other day and re-visiting Dr. Emoto’s work I understand the structural integrity forming in my body as 85% water is the very energetic surge of strength I experience.

And it’s not just in my head.


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  1. willow1945 on September 14th, 2014

    His work is so fascinating; I hadn’t read about the rice experiment–so thanks!

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