detail of hand-painted wool flannel


Following my recent visit with two old friends from high school I had not seen in 40 years

And being left rather breathless in their wake

Because we just literally picked up where we left off..

It all has had me thinking…as I am wont to do.

I received my B.F.A in textile design in 1980. I wove, printed and dyed my way through late nights of toxic fumes and inky messes rendered unnoticeable because I was IN LOVE with the process.

Really, I am no different today as I insist on delving deep into whatever depth calls me.

I just know how to take better care of myself within the fervor.

Back to my buddies..

What was it, I asked my self, that allowed us to be absent from one another for so long only to pick it up where we left off?

Was it the neural connections made; strong and true, that when re-visited woke up, time be damned with just the merest tickle?

During our time apart I wove and dyed and printed myriad yards of my own fabric with unique threads, original technique and nameless colors, proceeding to weave them into my own tapestry.



Then these guys arrived back into my life and attached themselves to the thread dropped 40 years ago, injected Life back in and the thread gets a chance to live in my tapestry..not just live… but LIVE!

Why do these relationships have the ‘A’ to my ‘B’?

And others don’t?

It makes me think about healing and the propensity for those in our lives who care for us to offer up solutions to our illness and possibilities of cure.

All so seductive as in the newly electric chance meeting of two humans.

Substance…. no- SUBSTANCE..gravitas..inter-cellular re-arrangement toward our original Self

Is Grace visiting us.

The opposite of an engineered life.

I just love that I have the consciousness now to recognize it for what it is.


2 Responses to “Fabric”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on October 12th, 2014

    just perfect!

  2. Rita Kindl Myers on October 12th, 2014

    Thanks! This will live with me for a while, as I ponder relationships, love & caring in my own life…

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