Forget It, Fetch It, Forge It



“Suffering is forgetting our true nature.”



Sometimes my mind hears all these pretty words that the wise ones uttered under some tree in a far away land

And I just go numb.

“Yeah..sounds nice.”

Words like suffering, true, even nature are so much a part of our vernacular

That their overuse diminishes their potency.

After all is said and done Buddha’s words are the wisest of the wise for me.

My lifetime has been one of doing what needed to be done to dismantle the armor that helped me survive a less-than-supportve youth.

The taking on of that armor saved me but left me with a very false sense of my true nature.

How to get her back?

1. Recognizing the disparity between ‘false’ and ‘real.’
2. Strong desire to re-claim myself.
3. Taking one action and then the next and the next to find help retrieving Cathy.
4. Creating a life to safeguard advances made.
5. Repairing erosion as immediately as I can.
6. Remaining grateful for the courage, strength and support enabling my innocent self.
7. Creating a life to safeguard advances.
8. Creating a life to safeguard advances.

She’s back.

I’m here.

Whew- what a ride………..

I still suffer but return fairly quickly to my natural self.

When there, I do not suffer.

For real.


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  1. Irene on November 10th, 2014

    It takes wisdom and lots of courage to live a genuine life.

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