In Search Of Authentic

detail of painting


For the month of December I have set the task for myself to find and post images and ideas which exude the particular perfume of THE TRULY AUTHENTIC. (click on very short film in widescreen)

These holidays we are entering scratch at my heart because they feel preposterously pale in comparison to the essence of where I imagine they began.

This is a selfish quest I offer to you all as a little window into the Real, the True, the Sacred.

With love…


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  1. Jenny on December 3rd, 2014

    I have thought and thought about this. I think the sacred is amongst us in our messy lives and even in the rather less than exquisite Xmas cards Paul bought for me to write in because I can’t do my own shopping. He raced out of work to get them, the cards support great charities and all I am twitting about is they don’t suit my sense of beauty. Life is real and sacred lived deeply or with kindness or love or wisdom everywhere. I really wonder whether these people want to be remembered as dying races or whether they just know that life passes and that beauty and fragrance and the word is never lost but will come again in another form. There must be so many people and lives that now all we know of is the glorious leaf litter, loam, compost they leave for us to grow in.(which is not so say we shouldn’t act to stop the highway)

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