The Warriors

“LANDSCAPE” 45″x6′,m/m


Early this morning at Starbucks with my girlfriend found us sitting next to a man worthy of notice.

He was dressed in a crisp and ironed white shirt, nice vest and necktie.

His grey hair was tousled but great looking.

He sat there contained with his attention cast toward something on the table.

My friend said: “You look so great. Do you live here? We are not so used to men who dress so well!”

“Yes, I live here and thank you! I am going to the Veteran’s Day parade.”

All of a sudden my reality shifted to the fact he took great care to put himself together as he did and show up at that Starbucks table gathering himself in preparation to go honor himself?, his fallen
buddies? I felt foreign. I did not know. This was their day.

I began my short roll home and passed pods of middle aged and older men walking toward the plaza where the parade was to begin..

They saw me in my wheelchair and each greeted me consciously… directly.

I was making my way through a stream of testosterone-laden sacred ground as I rolled through them.

Some faces were downcast.

Some hands carried or used canes.

Each owned the ground they walked on in a particular way. Surely, with friendliness but sorrow and potent poignancy were there too.

I was silenced as I approached home realizing I had witnessed a remarkable event. The gathering of Warriors.

I know nothing of war, active combat or otherwise.

My dad was a warrior but never spoke of it.

Many, many times I stole into his top drawer to fondle his medals and ribbons.

I enjoy freedom to move, speak, believe, live the entitled life of one who is far removed from what it takes and has taken for me to have this privileged existence.

Dear God… please help me not take my freedoms for granted and won’t you shower those who kept and keep us safe with more blessings than they can handle?


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  1. Lori Faye on November 11th, 2014

    Dear Cathy,

    Your blog touched me today in a way quite special as my 90 year old father who is a veteran might have been one of those warriors walking towards the plaza had he lived in Santa Fe. I had just finished writing him a thank you on my behalf when my iPad notified me of an incoming email. And now, I just forwarded him your writing which I am sure he will appreciate.


  2. Pam on November 11th, 2014


  3. Alexis on November 11th, 2014

    Beautiful. Poignant. And I bet I know who your friend is. 🙂

  4. Jenny on November 12th, 2014


  5. Jane on November 12th, 2014

    I wanted to hit “like”.

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