What Is Your Twig?

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My “go-to-wise-guy” is MOOJI.

I listened to this story he told of a Zen monk whose peaceful being was severely challenged by a simple twig.

The tale affected me because I have paid close attention to keeping my nervous system fairly free of over-zealous fish caught in my net and thrashing away, entangling themselves ever further in a mess of knots.

Recently, my very own ‘twig’ descended into my life and I felt like the peace I count on went up in flames of blame, criticism and that seductive knowing of my ‘rightness.’

In order to get this darkness out of me I felt the need to share my feelings which brought relief but left me with the recognition I had done a poor job of containing myself.

My twig is feeling criticized and unseen.

Gets me every time.

Peace up to a point then WHAMMY!!! TAKE THIS CATH!

I am not beating myself up, just recognizing what it actually takes to re-balance myself; re-calibrate toward my shining Self as opposed to the little ‘c’ so full of drama.

Gratefully back on the peace path.


2 Responses to “What Is Your Twig?”

  1. Maureen Shaughnessy on November 28th, 2014

    Peace out, Cath. May you walk a good road
    I get the twig thing.
    Aometimes I feel like I am bushwhacking through a thicket

  2. Jenny on November 28th, 2014

    Just had another fall,(legs bad with virus) and have sat on the sofa and went to your message. Am thinking curiously about my twig. It is such a lovely funny word. Love to you.

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