Be Like Water



Today is Christmas Day.

Holidays seem like a match which can ignite neuroses like parched tinder.

Alone?  Light the match.

Raggedness within relationships?  Walk right over to the bonfire there…

Didn’t get to shower those we love with EXACTLY the right thing?  Toss the match and feel the burn.

To get over myself I set out in my chair for downtown Santa Fe with an experiment:

I made myself like water.

Letting go of all density I liquified myself and eased on down the road just like a river.

I had no agenda of connecting unless invited to.

“Merry Christmas!”  from a handsome couple.

“Merry Christmas”  I say.

I flow around and past family groupings both awkward together and close.

A great dane catches my eye and like an eddy in a stream I spend a few moments there and flow on to Starbucks and wait very energetically contained in the long line of customers merry-making.

A kid is both scared of my wheelchair and enchanted by my feathers.  I take my eyes away so he has the privacy to explore.

On the  way home I practice glowing…just glowing.

The river meanders down the street.

Someone shouts out from a passing car window that I look great.

I have my own perfect Christmas with the remembrance that a shift in perspective is all I need.




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  1. KK on December 27th, 2014

    “. . . a shift in perspective is all I need.” So very true.

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