Mercy Me

fine line
detail of painting on wool flannel


Years ago when I set out to do this blog my promise to myself was to tell the truth without editing.

Of course, some things I choose to keep private but for the most part I have allowed you to see me in some pretty vulnerable places.

This is a service to me to have a chance to witness myself outside the ornate costuming my brain cloaks “me” in.

What I share with you here is a gift to you as well; I am quite aware if something has got my attention I am likely not the only one on the planet interested or affected by such.

Letting my supposed “ugliness” see the light is having a profound effect on me.

The core of me is pure goodness. It is for each one of us.

And then the messiness comes to light and if you are like me a judgement comes that we are BAD.

Most of my life spent as a “nice girl” got me this: lots and lots of people who thought I was really great! It was divine! I belonged. I was sought after.

I AM a nice person.

But I am also flawed, broken, in-process, becoming.

These days I so love and appreciate those very qualities in me.

Yeah- I am embarrassed when I let you see them; when they are freed from their mighty cages.


Would the box be better without the muddy brown or grey or sickening green?


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  1. KK on January 10th, 2015

    What a profound question! No, that box of crayons must make every shade, every tinge, available. That’s the only way it gets to be used to create masterpieces.

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