addendum 2
painted silk


I watched the Academy Awards last night.

It is for me what they call a “hate watch” these days.

I hate that I want to watch it but I do it anyway.


I think I watch it from the artist’s standpoint

But really.. I am just your average voyeur.

Judging mercilessly is condoned on this eve and who would say no to that opportunity?

Certainly not moi.

In the midst of witnessing rabid and open-mouthed gum chewing by nominees

There were moments in which intelligence and heart pierced through the fog of our selfie-driven culture rave.

I wake the next morning with a hangover from partaking in this event.

The stillness I felt seeing the glorious beading on that green sheath she wore so elegantly

Wasn’t enough to buffer all the heat-seeking energy of my fellow humans (and let’s not forget my own….).

I found this as an antidote.


3 Responses to “Antidote”

  1. Jenny on February 24th, 2015

    Love the Sumatran tiger cub, and also how ,over the time looking at them, including the shark fins, how my heart rate slowed , my delightometer went up, and the academy didn’t matter anymore. Good choice.

  2. Sharon Rose Dozar on February 25th, 2015

    These animal photos are so heart warming….the perfect antidote to the frenzy of hollywood vacuity…but, I too, do love the fashion !!! Thanks for this Dear One..

  3. Nina on February 25th, 2015

    Ahhh today the animals, the winged and 4 legged. Their beauty untouched.

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