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About 6 months ago I realized that my precious chihuahua, Livvy, had become so protective of me that she would bark incessantly at any who entered our home as well as dogs and people she didn’t jive with. Biting had begun to be an issue as well and my stress level crossed over into emergency blinking red while my nervous system tried so hard to save us all.

I was chastising myself for being unable to soothe her by being a proper alpha pack leader. This little being was my healer and worked SO hard to have me be ok; crawling up on my chest when my tears flowed to lick away every darn last one of them.. I was living on sacred ground with her as far as I was concerned.

I realized that my life was becoming dangerously narrow as I steered away from any and all contact with people we’d meet on our rolls around town for fear of her reaction. After much work with dog trainers resulting in frustration that my body was unable to perform the training prescribed, I realized I needed to find a new home for my beloved.

Turns out no rescue organization was willing to take her because of the aggressiveness she displayed.

At the end of hope I made the decision to put Livvy down. I don’t have to tell you that my guts were lying there on the floor at this decision.


My girlfriend Adele (Livvy adores her) stepped in and eventually found a FABULOUS home, rather spa, for my beloved with a boyfriend chihuahua, big yard, humans home all the time, dog door and frequent trips to Home Depot and the dump.

Adele’s gift to me of securing a great life for my friend was the greatest gift I have ever received.

Cut to today: I have become far too lonely without a significant other to ride shotgun. Weirdly not ok. I began searching for a dog with a friend’s help 2 months ago. We looked into breeds appropriate for me and came up with CAVAPOO (mix of Cavalier spaniel no bark, Poodle, smart and friendly and no shed).

NOT ONE of the breeders we contacted returned our many calls…

Assistance dogs are big dogs and I need small. The wait is over a year as well.

My best bet is a correctional facility where the women inmates are hooked up with a rescue dog and training involves a 24/7 relationship between dog and inmate. Training for specific needs is possible and the cost for a trained dog is 280.- 500. I feel good about supporting this program but again, this may prove a dead end.

Dogs and disability.. I have faith my dog will make it’s way to me. Clearly, too much WILL on my part is not the ticket. Pulling my wanting, wanting, wanting back I am now resting in the knowledge that when the time is right my need and desire will be met.

Suggestions appreciated!

Qualities for Cathy’s new dog:

uber friendly
minimal barking
easily trained
close to 10 lb.
short hair


4 Responses to “Dog Love”

  1. Jane on February 12th, 2015

    What a relief to learn that you did not have her put down.

  2. Barry on February 13th, 2015

    Yes, so glad to know Livvy is in a better place ….. and not the one so often referred to after a death. And that you were freed from the horrible burden of a choice like that.

  3. Rita Kindl Myers on February 16th, 2015

    I am glad to hear Livvy has been adopted. I’m glad to know you didn’t have to bear the weight of that decision. And yes, dogs make wonderful companions. Inspired by stories and pictures of you and Livvy, my kids and I purchased a puppy over a year ago. He had been pad trained by his former human parents. It took us six months to potty train him at our home. I found the following website very helpful in training our dog:
    Yes, it is possible to train him from a wheelchair. It’s about establishing a relationship, being patient and creative. You know all about that.

  4. laura Hegfield on February 16th, 2015

    I’m so glad you found a safe and happy friend for your long time pal Livvy. I can only begin how much you miss having a dog around. Poodles are great dogs, but they can be pretty loud… even the little ones. Still, I have to say they are my favorite breed… they don’t shed they are unbelievably intelligent. I love the idea of connecting with the correctional facility program. I too trust that the right pup will enter you life. Thank you for your gift package… what a lovely surprise. I have the angel tucked in my bedroom mirror so I think of you every day.

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