Every Moment

“WHITE SANDS”. ea. piece = 11x11x4″


-source unknown


Birthdays are good for checking in with ones’ self; Am I who I want to be? If not – how do I get there? Do I ask for help? Who, then?

In my own case, at 60 I am asking different questions: So Cath.. you’ve been around awhile now. Not much to really WANT anymore..been there, done that. Soooo…what shall the next energetic pushes be about?

Well- my two mantra words for this next chapter are: CONNECTION and FUN.

Generally speaking I am not ok if not connected; people, self, nature, animals, God, creativity.

Isolation and collapse do not serve me well though remaining connected to my Self demands knowing when to retreat in a healthy way.

Fun? well- this is my work in progress..

Either way, the shadow must be invited to the party and at least have a seat at the table or nothing is REAL and REAL is what is fun for me. Maybe it doesn’t get a piece of cake but it gets a a seat none-the-less.



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  1. Michele on February 8th, 2015

    How can we have fun without our shadows? Give it two pieces of cake.

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