Radical Inclusion

monoprint, 22×30



“Awakening is not about deleting or transcending human emotions, for how would the ocean transcend a single wave, and how would the sun transcend one of its beloved sunbeams? It’s about seeing that every emotion – from joy to despair, bliss to boredom, agony to ecstasy – is only a movement of life energy, actually a movement of yourself, a wave in your vastness. No emotion is a threat, an enemy, or a punishment. Every emotion is an invitation to remember your vastness, rest in your oceanic nature. You are on a pathless path of radical inclusion, friend, and there are no mistakes here.”

– Jeff Foster



One Response to “Radical Inclusion”

  1. Judy on February 18th, 2015

    I so agree. And actually must work on my own issues when I am brave enough to express emotion, and it does not fall on receptive ears.

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