Trading Up

“RED”, 6′ x 45″,m/m


When I turned 50 years old 10 years ago I did not feel the angst or intrepid egg shell avoidance that many women feel facing that particular marker.

I felt free.

Old enough to enter into the divine phase of life of not caring so much about others opinions.

Easing into my 60th birthday I sense I got into a FORD PINTO (albeit with a fabulous paint job) at 50 and at 60 I just put the down payment on a FERRARI.

So often I have spoken about the luxury, gift, privilege inherent in a life lived in partnership with chronic illness; that of TIME.

The nuances in life which travel under the radar for most

Affect me deeply.

Today, I realized that my primary litmus test allowing me the best chance at a five star day

Is a soft heart.

The physical sensation of a soft heart feels like my armor drops away to reveal a full-being undefended porosity.

I am realistic enough to know a constant diet of this is not the point..

But my Ferrari’s directional light is turned toward a soft heart to be sure.


2 Responses to “Trading Up”

  1. keek on February 1st, 2015

    May I ride shotgun?

  2. Bryan Adams on February 2nd, 2015

    Bless your soft heart.

    Happy Birthday!

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