Will vs. Prayer

detail of painted wool


I always hesitate writing about anything that smacks of religion like God or prayer. I don’t wish to offend so please know that words such as Nature, All That Is, Creativity, Love, the ineffable which we recognize is larger than us yet includes us are all experiences of the same thing in my mind and heart.

My spiritual life is what I trust, rely on and learn from. That said- as you know I have been working really hard to find a dog as a companion.

Most often, if I set a clear intention and it doesn’t come from a “grabby” place; if I do the work required to let the universe know I am serious about the thing

I can count on a response in due time.

Sometimes not exactly what I desire but a response none-the-less.

I realized that after months of friends helping me search breeders, writing letters to local shelters, assistance dog places, leaving phone messages galore and getting NOT ONE RESPONSE

That something was very off.

I realized I had forgotten to enlist the help of God.

I totally forgot to pray.

This vital step gets forgotten too often because my connection to Spirit has been a count-on-able connection since I can remember. I take it for granted. My long career as an artist depends on my ability to naturally drop into the Void; that place which holds all possibility.

In my dog search there has been only DOING.

Doing and acting and working.

Now, I have said my prayer:

Dear God,
I really need your help.
I am too lonely without a soulful furry being to live with and care for.
These are my needs:……………..
If it is for the highest good can you help us find one another somehow?
Thanks for listening.

So- as of two days ago I am taking my hands off the steering wheel.

There are great, sweaty gripping marks I left there.

I heave a sigh of relief and walk away feeling all the room in the world for the appearance of my buddy. Or not- as the case may be.


4 Responses to “Will vs. Prayer”

  1. Alexis on February 19th, 2015

    I think he’ll be arriving shortly. xx

  2. Bree on February 19th, 2015

    This journey to connect with your new companion has brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. You are the voice for both of you. This little guy or gal needs you too and now that you have officially asked for what you want, let the matchmaking begin! I can see your beautiful smile when you first see your baby.
    Sending you lots of love, Bree

  3. Barry on February 20th, 2015

    The Universe must be telling you that you need a cat. A different kind of love story.

  4. Catherine on February 23rd, 2015

    Ask and you shall receive – the Beloved is always listening. Love your writing, Cathy

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