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I woke to white.

My astoundingly adept and count-on-able care taker called in sick for the second day.

I had jettisoned myself over to the nearby mall for food yesterday which was good.

Today feels like slightly ‘pilly’ cashmere.

Six out of seven days I am blessed with the benign and welcome tiny knock on my door announcing Roseanne’s appearance

To shop or clean or wash linens for me.

These tasks have passed insidiously from my capable and eager hands to hers.

I just let her have them…grateful and like today rather surprised I am not able.

My dream last night was adventurous, complicated and ambulatory.

Then that reality opened into this one..

I have no caffeine in the house!!

This reality sucks!

No, really Cathy… get a grip. There is white loveliness out there! Bundled people playing on the street. Echos of squealing children testing outdoor voices.

My girlfriend brings me deep, rich, fragrant tea from Starbucks!!!!

Remind me when I doubt miracles exist.


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  1. joan on February 28th, 2015

    How nice that I could be your miracle today….and how simple.
    love you, m’girl
    And I have a new Mark Ruffalo film for you.

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