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I’m quite sure posts such as my last one cause concern for those that love and care for me.

The point of sharing such tender stories with you all is twofold; I get to get it out of my head and therefore become more the witness of the thing which often takes a good deal of sting out of it.

I also am well aware that if I am experiencing something I am likely not the only one and seeing a topic like futility written about as I did can perhaps help others recognize the rightness of IT ALL.

Even when it feels all wrong.

I am fascinated by resilience; THE GREAT URGE to see, note and carry on.

How does this happen for some and not others?

What keeps me curious about life?

The theater of it all…

How could it be possible that 24 hours ago my bright spirit was dulled, weary and bereft of comfort

And today I sat with a great friend and shared a gorgeous and civilized lunch with inspired and acutely present conversation, honesty, humor and true fulfillment of my hedonistic self?

I left the restaurant and felt buoyed by our mutual recognition of one another. There were places made for sharing our fuck-ups but the space we always hold for one another is for our best and brightest selves lest we forget which we often do.

The thing is as I see it: futility creeps in…then leaves…then some other feeling happens and we can label it good or bad but the deal is that EVERYTHING CHANGES !

The scary thing is that when we are in seems WE ARE IT!… and it feels permanent.

The realest thing to me these days is my very life force which seems to be the stage where all this sometimes ugly, sometimes glorious stuff happens.

I’m falling in love with sweeping the old, old wooden planks of that stage and appreciating the depth of patina.


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  1. Debra Moody on March 9th, 2015

    You are the epitome of resilience. You amaze me, friend. Need to talk canine with you soon…. 🙂

  2. Pam on March 9th, 2015


  3. Barry on March 9th, 2015

    “patina” 😉

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