Spring, Sex and Salmon



You should be very jealous.

Those of you not in a wheelchair likely were moving too fast to smell the air today.

Spring has burst past some of it’s budding and as I roll slowly down sidewalks and roads

I pass an apricot tree in bloom; barest pink known to man.

Fluttering spent petals petalling (Cathy word) down..

Next there is a white blooming specimen that makes me flush at the sex smell it exudes

And THEN.. I arrive at a coterie of five salmon colored tulips vying for property on an untended island mid-thoroughfare..

My senses wave the white surrender flag and I say: “ENOUGH!” “TOO MUCH!” “I CAN’T HOLD ANY MORE GOODNESS!”

You should be very, very jealous.



2 Responses to “Spring, Sex and Salmon”

  1. Carrie on March 31st, 2015

    Never seen an apricot tree in bloom
    Or salmon tulips, their show was for you!

    Spring has sprung

  2. Irene on April 1st, 2015


    I am jealous…we still have mounds of dirty snow in parking lot corners. But heather is blooming and tulips will be coming out soon.

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