“BLACK MESA”, 40″x6′,m/m


When the thought: “I hate myself” enters my consciousness

I know sumthin’ is askew.

Who is the “I” that hates my “Self”?

Clearly, somebody in here thinks we are two.

I suppose if you were to ask me the most potent thing I have learned inside this health challenge

It would be this:

The theater stage has room for it all; fuck ups, triumphs, illness, health, love, bitterness, betrayal, forgiveness, creativity, stasis, meetings and leavings all.

The constant is ME and THE STAGE (which is my perception).

I direct. I choose from which point of view I see. I shift as I can and do.

NOTHING is static. Everything is in motion. Changing.

Grit or Grace?

Depressed? Change your point of view.

Diseased? Find the treasure or at least a good take-away.

Got a kid addicted to pills? The communion taking him to treatment is a miracle.

Cold outside? How delicious it will feel with sun on your hungry skin.

Which is more entertaining, I ask you?

The choice, the choice is ours.


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  1. Catherine on April 17th, 2015

    You’re spot on Cathy – we can choose to live in fear or choose to live in love; it costs the same, but I know which one makes me feel more alive. Many thanks and blessings to you always…

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