Larger, Lighter, Wiser (and dance dresses)


I always get really nervous when I tell you the raw truth.

My last post revealing that I find myself sitting in such harsh judgement of my own being hurts me to even know this tendency is still in me.

This old, old tape is ragged from over use and I actually feel excited it is becoming SO BORING!!!

When the beautiful man above visited America and someone asked him how Tibetans deal with self-hatred he was silenced.

He actually had no idea what it was!

Seemingly this is a cultural phenomenon.

I have written before about boredom being the harbinger of thrilling shifts afoot.

My own habitual self-judgement is so old that it is hard-wired in.

Being committed to telling my unedited truth is my way of having an opportunity to step back and witness myself as if I’m you reading my words;

When I do that I am very aware that the me I show up here as, day after day, is in no stretch of the imagination worthy of this self violence I inflict on ole’ Cath..

If I gave myself no opportunity to witness myself from a different perspective

Like therapy or writing or talking it out. Just getting this false stuff witnessed SOMEHOW.

That friggin’ 8 track tape be playin’ in there for a long, loooooooonnnnng time.

So thanks for keeping me honest, for being there reading and helping me remember the larger, lighter, wiser me.

(Picture me putting all my weaponry down..). Whew..

If I had all my physical capabilities available I would now put on one of those great girly dresses that competition ballroom dancers wear and dance it out….


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  1. Jenny on April 22nd, 2015

    Yep yep what you write echoes. It must be the start of awakening when we can laugh or feel bored by our old patterned responses. And we realise we have a choice.

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