Love In the House

monoprint, 22×30″, 1993


Just 10 minutes ago my sister walked out the door with Bob on a leash.

(Bob is a dog).

My sister traveled from Portland to visit for the weekend.

Bob is a tiny long-haired dachshund from LAP DOG RESCUE in Albuquerque who seemed a prime candidate for adoption.

Bob came to me named Max but he is a distemper survivor who sports a neurological take-away of a head which bobs up and down..thus: Bob.

Having both a dog and my sister here felt like swimming in a warm honey bath.

Miracle moments just kept happening like my sister solving a previously unsolvable computer problem, treating me to nourishing food, gifting me with a hand-made and gorgeous ceramic piece, caring little as to what we did but content just to BE WITH me.

We spoke of worries we both shared about my mounting disability, laughed good laughs, gossiped and tooled around town together with Bob on my lap.

He slept on my bed and as we bonded he’d wake and come over to rest his neck on my neck in solidarity then curl back into sleep.

We fell in and hard.

Yesterday, I took him on a walk and he charged and barked ferociously at two neighbors so excited to see me with a dog at last. Bob also barked at other dogs along our path and by the time we returned home I was a wreck from the stress of realizing I could not adopt him with these same reactive behaviors I dealt with in my last dog.

Finding a companion is much more of a challenge than I anticipated.

Just now I watched my sister leave with Bob on the leash as she got in her car return my little love dog then to drive to the airport and fly away herself.

My heart feels way too much space in it.

Just minutes ago it felt like the Amazon rainforest; all richly damp and and impossibly alive.

Missing them is the sweetest sorrow.

It’s all about Big Love.


5 Responses to “Love In the House”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on April 13th, 2015

    Much love to you, A.

  2. Alexis on April 13th, 2015

    Aww, I loved Bob and have never even met him. So very sorry it did not work out. And so very happy your sister was here. Nothing like sister love!

  3. Jenny on April 14th, 2015

    Would an older larger dog , maybe a Labrador , who adored you and is also a perhaps simpler dog,?so happy to meet people .Only drawback , easily distracted by smells and food. Would probably not be good as a guard of any sort!

  4. Sharon Rose Dozar on April 15th, 2015

    So sorry ….. Love you so much

  5. Jann on April 15th, 2015

    This is so beautiful I can hardly stand it, it was so visual and proud and wise and brilliant that now I want to cry having just enjoyed a great family chick indie flick on a rainy Saturday afternoon. How do I know a person who writes this well? Earrings my friend, earrings are the reason.
    Love you.

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