tulips from a friend


This past week I have been soaking in Grace.

For some reason this particular time is filled with friends showering me with recognition of the fact I matter to them.

Pockets of recognition seem to appear at exactly the right time as the shadow becomes heavy and begins to mold to my skin.

God doesn’t seem to ever quite let me go. Great effort, weakness and doubt morphs into unexpected nurturance, beauty and communion.

Courage takes the place of collapse.

All this support for my beingness is an antidote to inertia and allows me the strength to lean into Life with my own contribution.

I saw this great youtube video showing two bald eagles fussing over newly hatched chicks high up in a tree.

The nest they built was complicated and very sturdy looking.

This is the feeling I have being supported by the matrix of intimates in my life.

Because of their “SEEING” me I am able to relax into a sturdy energetic nest.

This seems to happen on its own time and unbidden.

These extensions of care humble me and tenderize my heart and I become less armored and more able to pass it forward.


3 Responses to “Tailwinds”

  1. Alexandra Eldridge on April 3rd, 2015

    I’m so glad. Much love, A

  2. Jann on April 3rd, 2015

    Oh Cathy, what a writer you are, my heart started racing as I read your post. It was so beautiful. You are amazing and exquisite and I feel peaceful knowing that you are still growing and learning and changing. It is such an honor to be your friend. All my love, as you know.

  3. Jim on April 3rd, 2015

    One, grace is a good word.
    Two, you matter to me.

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