Catching Beauty


I think that I will call my new life purpose BEAUTY CATCHER.

How fun is that??

I thought of this wheeling back from town just now following a visit to Starbucks.

In line before me stood a blonde woman with a brand new pedicure (black and actually fab) wearing sexy but comfortable black sandals that looked new as well.

Having only one pair of shoes myself that fit over my brace

And toes far from well groomed

I oogled her achievement;

I said to her: “I love your pedicure and sexy sandals. So great!”

She says: “I just got these sandals at the store up the street (with excitement) and they were expensive but so worth it because they don’t actually look comfortable but they ARE!! (more excitement). Do you live here? You should get over to that store! (more excitement..not at all weird..just happy to tell her story.)”

She ordered her drink and handed me this Starbucks giftcard!! (me=excited now!)

She says to the cashier: “This lovely woman commented on my toes and I am giving her this card!”

She walked away.

We both had this great sista’ bonding moment over toes and shoes.

I left realizing that she had expended the effort into presenting herself a particular way in the world. I noticed and took pleasure myself.

The thing that made the real difference was the fact I told her I SAW her. I did not hoard the pleasure for myself. I bounced it back to her.

What I am seeing is that if I am affected by another’s courage or effort or kindness however small…

Really- if someone elses beingness enhances my life in the slightest

Telling them so changes everything.



4 Responses to “Catching Beauty”

  1. Jenny on May 8th, 2015

    Oh toes and feet! love the poor things I hide in covered in shoes. And loved that you saw her, and she was open and delighted .

  2. Bryan Adams on May 8th, 2015

    Amen! Thanks for the love.

  3. Sharon Rose Dozar on May 8th, 2015

    So great!! Love this exchange, perfect…seeing & getting each other xoxoxo

  4. Judith Henry on May 9th, 2015

    Love this story, Cathy. Makes me wonder how many lovely moments are lost because we’re afraid to acknowledge each other’s human-ness.

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